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A. Scott Buch (白森)

Skies don't conform to east or west

A. Scott Buch
24 June
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I am around 32 years old at this time. I was originally a student of the cinema way back in 2006 but experienced what some have called a “mystical psychosis” that "inspired" me to drop out of school. After 3 years I eventually went back for a degree in Creative Writing. After graduating from Ohio University in 2012 I went off to China to work as an English teacher. Over the course of four years I worked in provinces such as Ningxia and Sichuan, and cities such as Xi’an and Beijing. While in Xi’an I had several short stories published in the expat magazine Xianese. Most recently I was working in Mandalay in Burma where I self-published several poems and an essay through a literary zine that I cofounded with a buddy that we called Heuristic Halo Press. A poem of mine called “Orphic Anthem” was just featured in the Spring 2019 issue of indie magazine Illumen.